All Glass Shower Enclosures






Choose from an array of design layouts and hardware

Enjoy the sight of seamless lines that are expertly sealed with water-tight caulking 

Add a personal touch with an etched design 

Create privacy with frosted glazing








Choose from clear, grey, bronze or one way mirror 

Select from an array of edge trim to provide a clean sophisticated finish 

Enrich the look with acid etched or starfire glazing 

Create a signature style with beveled or frosted design appointments 

Backpainted Glass and Mirror


   Bring a WOW factor to your Kitchen, Bathroom or Feature Wall !

   Starphire glazing brings the true design detail to life !!


Glass Railings






Create an open, spacious feel within your home

Enjoy unobstructed views from your garden deck

Choose from a wide array of structural elements 

Consider stainless steel posts to achieve a clean, modern feel ! 

Or maybe fascia-mount standoffs to create an infinity look !!


Sandblasted Design


Add a distinct signature to your glass or mirror installation.

Our designer can work from sketches, photos, computer files … even the back of a napkin !

We provide scaled drawings as a critical part of the initial process so you are able to envision how your design will come to life.

Our price for this service is based on an hourly rate for our Designer, which we quote in advance of beginning any work.