Frameless Shower Design Guidelines

 Backpainted glass Toronto  Backpainted glass Toronto

All-glass frameless shower enclosures provide for clean site lines and a more spacious feel for any bathroom layout.

Budgets can be set well in advance with a reasonable degree of confidence by knowing the approximate square footage of glass to be installed.

The installed price for an all-glass frameless shower enclosure ranges from less than $1,000 to over $2,500.

There are options available to keep costs to a manageable level while at the same time achieve an elegant look. An example would be having the shower door hinges attached to the tile, as opposed to another piece of glass. Glass-to-glass hinge designs are more costly in terms of material and labour.

Another example would be in the choice of hardware finish. Chrome and brushed nickel are two most popular finishes and, because of their popularity, they carry a lower cost versus other finishes such as brass or oiled rubbed bronze.

The majority of all-glass frameless shower enclosures are installed using 3/8” (10 mm) thick clear safety tempered glazing.

It is critically important that the all-glass frameless shower enclosure be measured for fit by an experienced installer, and only when the tile work has been fully completed.

It is rare that the opening for the shower enclosure is perfectly square (after all, this is construction!). Even if the walls are out of square by as little as 1/16”, this must be accounted for in the fabrication of the glass, otherwise the finished shower enclosure will have unsightly joints & seams.